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Exceeding Expectations

As your business partner, CC Ltd delves into your transfer transaction only after developing a solid understanding of your needs and creating effective strategies that work.

We are dedicated to protecting your assets and meeting timely transfer closings. In the end, we measure our effectiveness by ensuring that we have seized every opportunity for improvement.

These may be elevated goals, but we take pride in delivering excellence. We are a distinguished group with high aspirations and a proven pattern of success. Meet us and you'll discover the true meaning of teamwork.


Transfer Instructions

Please review your transfer instructions to ensure they match your purchase stocks. If your name is misspelled or has changed, contact your transfer Officer immediately.


Shareholders affirm their confidence in your company by applying their dividends, or optional cash contributions, toward the purchase of additional stock. They want the process to be easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to complete. This means using a user-friendly interface and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Corporations expect the process to include highly professional interactions, accurate records management, and compliance with applicable regulatory and reporting mandates. CC Ltd exceeds these expectations and is the preferred dividend disbursement and dividend reinvestment plan provider for thousands of U.S. corporations. Integral to our success are our commitment to personalized service, innovative solutions, and investment in technology.


Integral to every CC Ltd solution is our proprietary technology platform. We understand the critical role of technology, and have invested in a customized system to meet the needs of our industry, our corporate partners, and their shareholders. With regard to dividend disbursement and reinvestment services, our system ensures:

• The highest levels of data integrity
• Seamless transactions
• Dividend payments via direct deposit
• Streamlined enrollment process
• Electronic filing of required documentation to applicable government and regulatory agencies
• Meticulous record maintenance
• On-time dissemination of all communication and enrollment materials
• Customized materials for each shareholder


CC Ltd is a authorized D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. (FAST Automated Securities Transfer Program) and D.R.S. (Direct Registration System) participant. These programs allow shareholders to hold a security as the registered owner in electronic form on the books of the transfer agent rather than holding a physical certificate.

The D.W.A.C./F.A.S.T. and D.R.S. processes decrease the time required to transfer and delivery securities. As an agent of these programs, CC Ltd provides a higher rate of responsiveness and efficiency by which securities are delivered to brokerage firms.


Key Advantages:

Reduce time on stock deposits into a brokerage account from weeks to hours.
Eliminate the risk associated with losing a stock certificate and replacing them.
Save on courier charges for shipping stock certificates.
Eliminate additional brokerage fees associated with processing physical certificates.

How it works:

There are 2 ways that a shareholder can deposit his/her stock electronically: DWAC and DRS.

DWAC: Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian, or
DRS: Direct Registration System

Shareholder – CC Ltd

It is the goal of CC Ltd to provide the shareholders of its clients with the highest quality of service possible. We are committed to assisting the shareholders of our clients whenever and where possible with their needs. CC Ltd provides the following:

• Assistance with Restrictive Legend Removal: CC Ltd provides its client’s shareholders with assistance in the removal of restrictive legends from their stock certificates.

• 144 clearances
• 144K
• Reviewing of documentation for legal, Rule 144 stock transactions and estate transfers
• Shareholder Record Keeping: CC Ltd maintains full shareholder records for its clients. As a result, the shareholders able to ensure through a single point of contact that their information is properly up to date with companies in which they own physical certificates.

• Lost Certificate Replacement: CC Ltd works with the shareholders of its clients to ensure that the replacement of any lost or stolen stock certificates is effected seamlessly and with as little difficulty as possible.