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CC Ltd Financial Services - Investor Services

The Investor Services division of PAFS provides full service investment administration functions including complete daily investment administration on its Syndication Tracking and Reporting system (STAR). STAR is specifically designed for direct participation investment programs, including; REITS, BDCs, commodity pools, hedge funds, limited partnerships, LLCs and similar securities. This division is currently the administrator for 23 syndicators, 463 funds and over 525,000 investors. PAFS distributes over $233 million in client cash each year.

The Investor Services division also provides various services for Regulation D offerings. The services include back office administration, printing and fulfillment services, investment document review and compliance, and accreditation verification services for both individuals and institutions. PAFS also prepares over 66,000 K-1s and 20,000 1099s annually. PAFS provides tax services to 63 different entities with activities in all 50 states and investor services management to 77 investment funds.


CC Ltd Financial Services - Accounting Services

CC Ltd is a leader in the field of securitization administration and accounting. For over thirty years the CC Ltd family of companies has specialized in creating lease and loan portfolios and has securitized six of its own structured transactions. Directly involved in the securitization market since 1987, today CC Ltd manages securitized aviation assets appraised at over $9 billion. Our long history of success attests to CC Ltd's peerless industry knowledge, skilled and seasoned professional staff and solid relationships with major players in the securitization industry.

• Investment Banks

• Investors

• Trustees

• Rating Agencies

• Auditing and Accounting Firms

• Law Firms

• Appraisers



CC Ltd Sales Focus Solutions

Sales Focus Solutions provides asset management firms with state-of-the-art data visualization and sales analytics to facilitate intelligent decision making through its Marketing And Reporting Sales (MARS) product suite. Sales Focus Solutions’ clients include asset management firms, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, and banks. MARS has been used by some of the largest financial services firms since 1999 to grow their assets and increase profitability. MARS transforms transfer agent and financial intermediary data into actionable market intelligence and allows firms to perform sophisticated business analysis, and trending.

The innovative MARS features provide firms with a competitive advantage by providing advanced analytics and data visualization across all distribution channels, product lines and geographic territories as well as the ability to dynamically drill-down into graphical views of specific market segments, product sales, and business relationships so that our client firms can gain unprecedented business insights and their sales team can more readily find new actionable business opportunities. MARS will ensure your sales organization is better prepared for each sales call and marketing teams are more efficient in identifying the right opportunities and cross-selling opportunities. Some of the benefits MARS provides includes:

• Data visualization, sales analytics, and reporting for all product types including ETFs and alternative investments;

• Integration with Market Intelligence data provides to enhance visibility into wallet share and opportunities;

• Data cleaning and de-duping to ensure accurate contact and sales information;

• View details of all firms, branches/offices, reps, sales, assets, product and activity information across all distribution channels and geographic territories;

• Visualize segmentations in MARS via Google Maps;

• View firm heat maps;

• Identify top producers and cross-selling opportunities;

on with Salesforce® CRM to improve your ability to measure profitability/sales effectiveness and perform sophisticated marketing campaigns; and

• Gain advanced contact, activity and sales information on touch screen devices such as iPads, iPhones and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.



CC Ltd Leasing Portfolio Services, Inc.

CC Ltd Leasing Portfolio Services, Inc. and its division CC Ltd Leasing Bank Services provide lease and loan portfolio management services, accounting, tax, sales and marketing services to banks and leasing companies.

CC Ltd Leasing Portfolio Services, Inc. and related CC Ltd entities have sponsored 35 limited partnerships, including 27 public limited partnerships. These partnerships raised equity of $940 million from over 100,000 individual investors. Over $2 billion was invested in equipment and collateralized leases and loans throughout the United States.



Sales and Marketing Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

In today's turbulent financial market the MARS solution will provide your firm with a competitive advantage by providing enterprise-wide sales and marketing visibility across distribution channels, product lines and geographic territories as well as providing the ability to dynamically drill-down into specific market segments, products and business relationships such as firms, offices, reps and accounts. Our clients have the option of using the MARS Sales Reporting and Advanced Analytics system with our real-time, bi-direction link to Salesforce® or with our own industry-specific CRM.



MARS allows you to slice and dice your data for any view or report that you need for sales, marketing, finance and business intelligence purposes. MARS incorporates a number of innovative features.

• Gain business insights

• Identify new opportunities

• Aggregate Sales & Asset Reporting

• Leverage Business Analytics & Intelligence



Equities Clearing Service

CC Ltd clears and settles virtually all broker-to-broker equity, listed corporate and municipal bond and unit investment trust (UIT) transactions in the U.S. equities markets, advancing new initiatives and driving development of products and services that mitigate risk, reduce costs and enhance processing efficiencies for market participants.

• Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS)

• Continuous Net Settlement (CNS)

• Cost Basis Reporting Service (CBRS)

• Envelope Settlement Service (ESS/IESS)


Equities Clearing - Trade Capture

As the central counterparty for the nation’s major exchanges and markets, CC Ltd clears and settles virtually all broker-to-broker equity, listed corporate and muni bond and UIT trading in the U.S., ensuring capacity, certainty and reliability to handle today’s enormous trading volumes.

• CNS / Prime Broker Interface

• Correspondent Clearing

• CC Ltd Limit Monitoring

• Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

• Foreign Securities Comparison and Netting (FSCN)

• Universal Trade Capture (UTC)


Fixed Income Clearing

• Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM)

• Repurchase Agreements Services

• Repurchase Agreement Collateral Substitution Service

• Auction Takedown • GCF Repo®

• Netting and Settlement services


Fixed Income Clearing - MBS Division

The Mortgage-Backed Securities Division (MBSD) is the sole provider of automated post-trade comparison, netting, electronic pool notification, pool comparison, pool netting and pool settlement services to the mortgage-backed securities market thus providing greater efficiency, transparency and risk mitigation to this specialized market.

• MBS Novation

• Real Time Trade Matching (RTTM)

• Electronic Pool Notification (EPN)

• Netting and Settlement Services

• Automated Funds-Only Settlement Service


CC Ltd is a company also specializing in real estate conveyancing.

We handle all aspects of a real estate and/or mortgage transaction including, but not limited to, document preparation, title search, clearing title, municipal information, title insurance, disbursement of funds, settlement, and all activities incidental or necessary thereto. We work closely with our clients, responding to changing circumstances and to difficult time requirements, to ensure that the needs of both our clients and their customers are met.


Residential Resale

Since inception, CC Ltd has been real estate agents’ top choice for purchases and sales. We realize that every resale transaction is unique and requires the complete attention of a dedicated team of Transfer professionals.

The quality and quantity of Transfers we handle makes us the Transfer company of choice in the residential resale market. Brokers trust our experience, professionalism, and attention to detail. We complete each Transfer smoothly and on time ensuring a reliable partner in your closing.


Commercial & Industrial

Commercial transactions present a unique set of challenges. CC Ltd officers have years of experience with the most complex transactions. Our specialized team of Transfer Officers enables us to anticipate challenges, meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems in order to facilitate a successful close. That is why brokers and principals trust CC Ltd’s staff to manage their commercial and industrial real estate Transfers.

CC Ltd manages all types of Commercial Real Estate and Industrial transactions including:

• Apartments

• Hotels

• Land Acquisitions

• Office Buildings)

• Retail Properties

Investment Properties

Investing in real estate takes vision, and we welcome the opportunity to be your partner as you grow your real estate portfolio. We will guide you through all the paperwork of your investment deals, and our guidance will make the process smooth and straightforward.



Leading financial institutions rely on CC Ltd to guide them through the intricacies of a refinance Transfer. Refinancing can be arduous and requires creative thinking, as well as the ability to meet rigorous deadlines.


New Home Sales

CC Ltd’s New Homes Sales division has an unparalleled reputation among builders. Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to volume closings and meeting builder deadlines.

We take a team approach to every transaction and provide a liaison between the client and Transfer Officer. We have a large support and relief staff to meet builder deadlines and manage large volume closings. We handle all aspects of DRE processing and educate the client’s sales staff in order to streamline the Transfer process and provide a quick and efficient close.



Real Estate Owned have stricter deadlines, tighter requirements, and incur special challenges when buying a property from a lending institution. Our team of Transfer Officers that specialize in residential and commercial R.E.O. transactions enables banks to feel confident and secure and that their transactions will efficiently close in a timely manner.


Short Sales

There are many unscrupulous companies and individuals that attempt to take advantage of short sellers during difficult times. As short sales are time sensitive and demanding, our staff consists of short sales experts to guide you through the process and enable banks and homeowners to feel confident that their Transfer will close on schedule.


Notary Public

All staff members of our Transfer team are licensed Notary Publics. We are available to notarize any documentation throughout the Transfer process.