Who We Serve

What exactly do you look for in a stock transfer agent? No doubt you expect complete, integrated execution of transfer agent and share registry services, including recordkeeping, dividend disbursement, annual meeting services, and high-touch management of shareholder relationships. You expect high levels of professionalism and customer service. Relationship managers, a team of top industry talent, are assigned to each company and serve as a single point of contact for services related to stock transfer, the shareholders, and you, the issuer. Their goal is to alleviate concerns through seamless execution, leveraging industry best practices in a disciplined manner. From the outset, our relationship managers are engaged, taking the time to learn about your business, understand your objectives and goals, and build solutions that meet your specific needs. They offer guidance in key areas including compliance mandates, industry insights, and efficiency improvement.


Transfer Agent & Registrar Services

Companies rely on CC Ltd as a transfer agency and share registry for a range of services that include:

• Flawless issuer and shareholder recordkeeping

• Seamless transition of historical data to CC Ltd.’s recordkeeping system

• Timely, accurate, and professional customer service supporting shareholder inquiries

• Processing of dividend disbursements

• Support of issuer plans such as Dividend Reinvestment or Direct Stock Purchase Plans

• Proxy distribution, tabulation, and reporting services

• Regulatory processing, such as tax reporting and abandoned property services

• Timely and accurate expert support of company events, such as IPOs and Corporate Actions

• In providing these services, we act as your partner and work to ensure that every shareholder interaction exceeds your standards for professionalism and service. We assume management for your transactional and administrative tasks, which eliminates the need for you to dedicate resources to these functions.



Our customized Transfer Agent and Share Registrar Services will provide:

• Reduced corporate risk and liability

• Secure, stable and highly scalable infrastructure

• Innovative and user-friendly technology system

• Sustained focus on your company’s specific needs


Dividend Reinvestment Services

CC Ltd works closely with companies to create direct stock purchase plans and dividend reinvestment strategies that meet their unique needs. Our team will assist throughout the planning and seamlessly manage the entire process. We help to ensure timely and accurate interactions with your shareholders, efficient transaction processing, compliance with all reporting requirements, and, equally important, we continually assess your strategy to identify opportunities for improvement. Does your private company have a partner you trust to provide guidance and help ensure you are on the right track? Someone who understands your business and knows the path you want to follow for future growth? CC Ltd has been that partner for companies for over 40 years. We work directly with you to offer private company services and guidance throughout the entire company lifecycle. We offer support during the private stage, help you transition during the IPO-planning period, and then act as a full partner to your public company.


Our expertise and technology-driven capabilities allow us to manage a wide range of plan types including:

• Restricted Securities

• Stock Issuances

• Pre-IPO Coordination

• Stock Options

• Equity Plan Administration


Private Held Companies

Private companies have the same needs for well-managed records, participant correspondence, and compliance as publicly held corporations. Yet, many private companies underestimate the complexities of these functions and do not dedicate adequate resources to ensuring proper management. This can cost the company more in the long run, especially if the company decides to go public. CC Ltd offers highly scalable private company service options to help companies manage these important functions. Whether a business is a privately held entity or a post-IPO corporation, CC Ltd can customize the right strategy.


IPO-Planning & Post-IPO

At CC Ltd, we help private companies carry out their plans for future growth. This includes helping you evaluate your options for growth, and plan for an IPO. If that plan leads to an offering, we play an essential role by ensuring comprehensive preparation and planning for the eventual issuance of public stock. We are with you at every step as you transition from a private to a public company. After the IPO is complete, we use our deep understanding of your company to offer guidance and insight on a range of topics including growth opportunities and compliance mandates. We serve as your company’s transfer agent and registrar, providing meticulous execution and recording of all securities transactions, and the highest levels of service to shareholders. Our lifecycle partnership with companies also includes administration and management of critical functions including:

• Annual meeting services

• Corporate action services

• Employee plan services

• Fund administration



CC Ltd plays a pivotal role in helping homeowners avoid Foreclosure and repair their financial stability by providing assistance with Short Sales and Loan Modifications. In fact, Short Sales have emerged as an effective way to avoid Foreclosure and deficiency judgments. The government’s Short Sale incentives along with the recent mortgage fraud by the banks will increase their effectiveness and the banks’ willingness to approve them. Short Sales allow a homeowner to try and get rid of a property that is underwater and draining financial assets while avoiding future liability for any deficiency. At CC Ltd we can serve all of your Short Sale needs, from negotiating and getting bank approval to the closing, we can guide you through the process from beginning to end.

In fact, due to the current real estate market, Short Sales really are a bank and buyer’s best friend. At this point, foreclosing on all of the homeowners that are behind on their mortgage is unrealistic and too expensive for the banks; they simply do not have the resources or manpower to file Foreclosures as fast as they are accumulating. Short Sales allow the bank to recover a portion of their investment up front, rather than taking the property back and being stuck with another house that they can’t sell. In addition, banks have to pay taxes, HOA and maintenance fees once they take a property back. Short Sales offer them an alternative resolution that is more favorable than Foreclosure and allow a Buyer to get a good deal.



CC Ltd is also experienced in dealing with investors who are looking to purchase property during this buyer’s market. The key is to know what you are doing. That is where CC Ltd can help. There are many mistakes that you can make, especially when dealing with purchasing property at foreclosure sales. From second mortgages that were not properly foreclosed to HOA liens, you can increase your risk by not doing research before buying. CC Ltd can provide title searches, title insurance policies, and handle closings once the property is ready to sell again. In addition, as a Title Company that is backed by Oppenheim Law, we can help you avoid many of the pitfalls involved in buying distressed properties.

In fact, the recent news of issues concerning chain of title should cause investors like you great pause before purchasing. CC Ltd have always encouraged people to purchase Title Insurance, especially if you purchased or will be purchasing property at Foreclosure Sales. While many foreclosures have been finalized due to fraud on the court by questionable conveyance of documents, many buyers will be protected should the court vacate the final judgment of foreclosure. Title Insurance covers this potential title defect, allowing the investor to cover not just the amount they paid for the property, but the fair market value once the property has been improved. Thus, CC Ltd can help guide you through the entire process.


Realtors and Real Estate Professionals

CC Ltd, is keenly aware of the competitive nature of the real estate market particularly among professional Miami Realtors. That is why we take great pride in having provided exceptional title and transfer services to top quality Realtors.

The individual Realtors that we have served over the years have grown accustomed to the professional and friendly service that the staff at CC Ltd provides– not just to Miami Realtors but to their buyers, sellers, lenders and others involved in a particular transaction. Because CC Ltd is owned and operated by attorneys, whenever there is an issue the real estate attorneys at CC Ltd are always ready and able to step in and lend a hand. Plainly put, our goal is to provide you with outstanding service and execution, and follow through.



Today, many consumers have decided that they can save money by buying a home without a realtor. If you are one of those individuals, you have come to the right place.

CC Ltd over the past several years has closed transactions for the largest banks, builders and realtors. Through this wealth of experience, CC Ltd is now ready to help you, the individual consumer, save time and money.


Banks / Lenders / Mortgage Companies

For more than fifteen years, CC Ltd has provided services on a regular basis to some of the top lenders in the country. In fact, a number of these banks now rely on CC Ltd to provide closing and title services throughout the region through the use of our remote computer networks, satellite offices. And because we are owned and operated by attorneys, a real estate attorney is always available to lend a hand when needed.

Allowing for central processing of all files allows for greater accountability and control that many banks and lenders are looking for today. Once a file is ordered at CC Ltd, the professionals at CC Ltd immediately make contact with the appropriate parties including the borrower and, in appropriate situations, any Seller and Realtors involved.


Refinancing a Mortgage

Now is the time to refinance your home. Interest rates are at their lowest in over 50 years. Don’t wait! Don’t regret not acting now. Rates are the lowest they have been in your lifetime. Homeowners that are considering refinancing their Miami home: you can eliminate any worry, hassles or insecurity while saving time and money and enjoying peace of mind.

The professionals at CC Ltd are here to help you save money by providing you quick and friendly service when we close on the refinancing of your Miami home.

If you don’t know where to start… start by calling CC Ltd. We will provide you with a list of qualified lenders with whom we regularly do business. Then, once you have selected a lender we will make sure that your closing is hassle free. The friendly professionals at CC Ltd will handle all of the tedious but important closing details. The folks at CC Ltd won’t give you excuses or apologies. Our only goal is to provide you with outstanding service, execution, and follow – through.


Legal Services for Real Estate Developers & Builders

During the past decade CC Ltd ”cut its teeth” while representing major builders and real estate developers. CC Ltd has provided a “soup to nuts” representation of these clients, in part through the joint venturing of legal work. The professionals of CC Ltd make sure that every real estate closing, whether it is the actual acquisition of the land or the closing of each home to a purchaser, goes smoothly and seamlessly.

CC Ltd, through its transfer services, holds all the deposits for the builder (to the extent that such deposits are not waived) and then provides a monthly statement to each builder reflecting each deposit that is held in transfer and how much interest has been earned on that deposit.